Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Creating "In Harmony" for the Jane Goodall Society

In 2007 MK Shannon was contacted by Marika Holmgren, founder of Organic Events. Her client, The Jane Goodall Society, was looking to have a custom award created for their Leadership Awards program that was to be established that year. MK met by phone several times with the planning staff and MK submitted several drawings of concepts from which Jane Goodall and her team could select the most appropriate. This was a commissioned piece and the copyright was donated by MK Shannon to The Jane Goodall Society. The award needed to reflect the aspect of Jane's work that are dearest to her heart: People, particularly children, Earth, and Peace. MK incorporated these aspects into a finished design entitled "In Harmony". The sculpture depicts a young figure standing on half a globe with one leg kicked up in the air and whose arms are both thrown up in the air in a statement of joy! The arms of the figure morph into the wings of a dove. 

In Harmony award for the Jane Goodall Society

This award is cast in pewter and has been presented to heads of state, government officials, entertainers, CEOs, educators, and outstanding individuals without question who have stood up for peace, the earth and us all! The awards are presented once a year in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. Jane Goodall is an amazing woman. She personally took time to greet and meet MK Shannon at one of the Los Angeles presentations. "I was so inspired meeting Jane, this tiny woman with so much passion and energy. She was so warm and engaging, I will never forget the time she took with me; she is a gift to our planet." said MK.

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