Tuesday, October 21, 2014

YMCA of Greater Indianapolis Presents MK Shannon Awards

The YMCA of Greater Indialanapolis has once again presented an award designed by MK Shannon. The name of the award is Family Circle. Since 2010, the YMCA of Greater Indialanapolis has used Family Circle as their Lifetime Achievement award. This award is often used to honor dedicated employees, volunteers, people who have devoted much of their time to the organization, or made significant accomplishments. MK Shannon Awards will customize the piece with a unique marble base engraved with the recipient's name, organization, and date. Since Family Circle represents a family unit, it has also over the years been purchased by family after family to represent themselves. These make wonderful gifts for milestone birthdays and special anniversaries.

Since I first carved Family Circle and saw it cast in pewter,” says MK, “I still enjoy hearing about how the award will be given and stories about the people who receive it.”

Cast in pewter, Family Circle is available with a brushed pewter finish, or silver or gold plating. Family Circle stands 12” tall including the marble base.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

MK Shannon Designs Awards for the International Fashion Film Festival

MK Shannon Awards & Rewards is happy to introduce a new custom award created for Cinémoi. Nevin Milan, the creative director for Cinémoi, contacted the offices of MK Shannon to express an interest in having MK design an original award for the annual International Fashion Film Festival. It would be the first time awards would be presented. Nevin and MK immediately connected and began working together to create a design that would capture the essence of this first event. Very quickly they developed an award that met all the imaginings of both. The design was developed and produced in pewter within 4 weeks! Shown below, you can follow along with the progress—the sketch, the model for the piece, and the finished award.

Sketch for International Fashion Film Award

Model for International Fashion Film Award

International Fashion Film Award

MK Shannon Awards can produce custom awards very quickly,” says MK, “but it was Nevin’s quick work and perseverance that allowed us to meet his deadline.” Fifteen awards were presented at the ceremony live on the network. The event can be viewed at http://www.cinemoi.us

Nevin wrote “Finally got to see the award statuette in person last night before they were presented. Everyone said they were stunning. Seriously, they are great!”

Nevin Milan, creative director for Cinémoi with International Fashion Film Award
Cinémoi is a 24-hour network featuring curated films from around the world and high couture festivals new to the U. S. television market. Cinémoi is nestled among AMX, FX Movie Channel, IFC, Sundance Channel, and Turner Classic Movies. Cinemoi presents vintage to contemporary award-winning movies.

We’re committed to offering high-quality entertainment with unparalleled style and elegance, and believe that Cinémoi, will become a network of choice for a breadth of American viewers,” offered Rod Sherwood, CEO of Cinémoi North America. More than just a movie channel, Cinémoi is aimed at discerning viewers who aspire for enticing and sophisticated entertainment.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Using Jewelry at Your Next Awards Banquet

Miniature Replicas of Awards

Jewelry is something that can be an economical gift or award for a special event or conference. MK Shannon Awards & Rewards offers several pieces of jewelry that are miniature copies of awards. The award (or awards) can be presented to the individual recipients being recognized and all the members or attendees can receive a matching pin to honor them and the event.

Some organizations that have taken advantage of this idea are :

• Southern Wine and Spirits
• Mercy Foundation
• ClubCorp
• Heal the Bay Foundation
• Event Solutions
• The Special Event


Examples of jewelry based on awards designed by MK Shannon

Other Ideas

Another concept developed by MK Shannon is the idea of presenting award nominees with a pin that is copy of the award. In this way each person who is nominated will be wearing their pin prior to the event so that other attendees can recognize them and network. The honorees can describe what they have done to be nominated and the other attendees can learn how they might also achieve recognition. Since people cannot 'wear' their lifesize award, one other idea is to give the award winners a matching pin that they can wear to show that they have won that company or foundation’s highest honor. This again allows for recognition, networking, and inspiration to achieve a goal.

The Process

It takes about eight weeks to produce a custom pin from artwork provided by the client or MK Shannon. Each pin is presented in a small black drawstring bag with the MK Shannon name or the company logo imprinted on the bag. The set-up fee is normally $500 and the cost of the pin varies according to size and metal choice (pewter, silver or gold plating) but they range normally between $5 and $10. The cost is very economical compared to retail jewelry. Consider using jewelry at your next awards conference or special event!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

La Quinta Presents MK Shannon Awards at Annual Awards Banquet

La Quinta "Stellar" Award

La Quinta "Brilliant" Award
For the third year, La Quinta Management Hotels has selected MK Shannon Awards to provide the awards for their Annual Awards banquet. Three years ago La Quinta contacted MK Shannon Awards looking for an award that would allow their logo to stand out and represent the company. MK suggested that an award be customized to meet their needs. Using an existing design and customizing it to represent La Quinta helping them meet their budget. 

La Quinta awards 20 individuals with their highest award “STELLAR” and 16 other individuals receive the “BRILLIANT” award for a wide range of achievements in several categories. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

MK Shannon's Unique Partnership with PacMin

PacMin Offers Fine Art Sculptures by MK Shannon
PacMin has over 65 years experience producing aerospace and aviation models that precisely reflect their full-size counterparts. With this in mind you can be sure that your aircraft, engine, or mechanical component will be incorporated into your design and will reflect your high standards, your professionalism, and your vision.
Cessna "Mustang" Award

The Beginning of Our Partnership

The PacMin Corporation after seeing sculpted awards by MK Shannon, ascertained that they wanted to work with MK to develop a superior line of awards to offer their elite customers in the aircraft industry. It was their intention to become the premier awards company in their industry. MK Shannon met with the sales staff and management to offer original designs and suggestions. From those meetings a series of awards were developed and have been used successfully with Boeing, Cessna and other aircraft companies for the past decade. At the request of PacMin, MK has designed over 17 different aircraft awards for Cessna corporation alone.
Cessna "Safety" Award
A Custom or Commissioned Sculpture
For several years now, PacMin has partnered with world-renowned artist and sculptor MK Shannon to create aircraft sculptures where each piece is crafted to your specifications. You can work with PacMin's design team to create a new and unique sculpture, or you may select one from MK Shannon’s illustrious collection. Our team of artists can customize any of these existing sculptures by adding a representation of a particular aircraft of your choice.
Profit Award

When developing a new sculpture, we conduct an in-depth dialogue with you and your team, our in-house staff of artists and MK Shannon. Drawing from this dialogue, we then present you with concept images to critique. Our knowledge of materials and production allow us to make suggestions based on your budget, quantity and timeline.The chosen concept can then progress to a prototype or 3D CAD rendering. Once you decide on the final look and size, our artists sculpt a model using clay or wax. A mold is then made which is used to cast your sculpture.
Pilot Award

Constructed of bronze, high-quality lead-free pewter and marble, each contemporary work of art is available with either a natural brushed pewter finish or a gold or silver plated finish. Personalized nameplates and gift packaging are some of the options we offer that put the finishing touch on a professional and polished presentation—an artistically created sculpture that your clients will treasure for many years to come! These unique, fine art sculptures are designed to celebrate your business or passion and create visual interest in any space.
Soar Above Award

Appreciation with Aircraft

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

GALA Award 2014 Nominees Announced by Special Events Magazine

The granddaddy of awards honors great special events from around the world.
 The Special Events Advisory Board announced the nominees for this year's GALA Awards, the most prestigious award in the special events industry. The awards, which honor work from throughout the world, have been handed out since 1986. The GALA Awards will be presented at a black-tie event at The Special Event 2014 in Nashville, TN. Revelation—The Road to the 2014 GALA Awards was the theme for 2014. The GALA Awards are dedicated to those that dared to dream, who seized hold of their revelation and let the idea bloom all the way to success.

Special Events Magazine cover with GALA Award by MK Shannon Awards
The editor for The Special Events Magazine contacted MK Shannon in 1999 to create the GALA Award for The Special Events for their annual conference. Both the program director and magazine editor worked with MK to select the design. The award was designed to represent individuals within the membership who strive to perform and create at the highest level. These individuals compete yearly to earn the GALA Award for their particular category. The sculpture for the award has four figures to represent teamwork. No extraordinary event or project can be completed by one individual, it takes people working together. A spiral base leads into the four figures causing them to rise upward forming a globe-like shape that ends with the arms of the figures holding a star. The star represents the highest level of achievement.
GALA Award by MK Shannon Awards & Rewards
Thirty five different categories were awarded this year at the GALA Awards in Nashville.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek Uses Awards by MK Shannon

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek located in South Florida needed awards for several different events and wanted custom designed pieces created from their own artwork. 2D images were provided and MK Shannon created the 3D models from the images and provided awards that were totally unique to the casino industry. The turn around time was about four weeks once the model was approved.

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek located in South Florida needed awards for several different events and wanted custom designed pieces created from their own artwork. 2D images were provided and MK Shannon created the 3D models from the images and provided awards that were totally unique to the casino industry. The turn around time was about four weeks once the model was approved.

Blues, Brews and BBQ Event Awards
The pieces shown here were for three separate events. One is the Blues, Brews and BBQ. The other was Player of the Year for Black Jack. We designed three different sizes of awards for the Blues, Brews and BBQ so that there would be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place award.

Black Jack Event Awards
 The six Black Jack awards that were presented at the event were the Player of the Year Award, Male Player of the Year Award, Female Player of the Year Award, Breakout Player of the Year Award, Player Development Choice Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award.