Thursday, June 19, 2014

Using Jewelry at Your Next Awards Banquet

Miniature Replicas of Awards

Jewelry is something that can be an economical gift or award for a special event or conference. MK Shannon Awards & Rewards offers several pieces of jewelry that are miniature copies of awards. The award (or awards) can be presented to the individual recipients being recognized and all the members or attendees can receive a matching pin to honor them and the event.

Some organizations that have taken advantage of this idea are :

• Southern Wine and Spirits
• Mercy Foundation
• ClubCorp
• Heal the Bay Foundation
• Event Solutions
• The Special Event


Examples of jewelry based on awards designed by MK Shannon

Other Ideas

Another concept developed by MK Shannon is the idea of presenting award nominees with a pin that is copy of the award. In this way each person who is nominated will be wearing their pin prior to the event so that other attendees can recognize them and network. The honorees can describe what they have done to be nominated and the other attendees can learn how they might also achieve recognition. Since people cannot 'wear' their lifesize award, one other idea is to give the award winners a matching pin that they can wear to show that they have won that company or foundation’s highest honor. This again allows for recognition, networking, and inspiration to achieve a goal.

The Process

It takes about eight weeks to produce a custom pin from artwork provided by the client or MK Shannon. Each pin is presented in a small black drawstring bag with the MK Shannon name or the company logo imprinted on the bag. The set-up fee is normally $500 and the cost of the pin varies according to size and metal choice (pewter, silver or gold plating) but they range normally between $5 and $10. The cost is very economical compared to retail jewelry. Consider using jewelry at your next awards conference or special event!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

La Quinta Presents MK Shannon Awards at Annual Awards Banquet

La Quinta "Stellar" Award

La Quinta "Brilliant" Award
For the third year, La Quinta Management Hotels has selected MK Shannon Awards to provide the awards for their Annual Awards banquet. Three years ago La Quinta contacted MK Shannon Awards looking for an award that would allow their logo to stand out and represent the company. MK suggested that an award be customized to meet their needs. Using an existing design and customizing it to represent La Quinta helping them meet their budget. 

La Quinta awards 20 individuals with their highest award “STELLAR” and 16 other individuals receive the “BRILLIANT” award for a wide range of achievements in several categories.