Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Custom Awards for Pacific Miniatures

It is our good fortune to partner with various stellar companies to represent them when it comes to outstanding awards. Pacific Miniatures at www.pacmin.com is one such company that has partnered with us to provide quality MK Shannon Awards for Cessna Aircraft Company, Boeing, SEA, Wataniya Air, ILFC, Emirates Airline, ATR and others. Some of the categories include "Customer of the Year Award", "Leadership Excellence Award", "Operational Excellence Award", "Innovation Award", Workforce Development Award”, International Safety Award, and the list goes on and on. Pacific Miniatures is pioneering awards excellence in their industry. It is exciting to be a part of such an innovative company.

See why custom awards are our specialty!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Recognition Award "World Infinity" Designed for Global Organizations

New for 2009, the “World Infinity” recognition award represents global unity, collaboration, and service. The world is infinite, endless, and continual. We as individuals struggle to grow, to learn, to achieve and to accomplish in an ever-changing planet in an ever-changing world. This custom award illustrates the importance of partnership, of teamwork, of sharing and caring. These figures reach out to one another for support and connection while holding up a globe. In that moment, through that movement they become more than they are alone, they become stronger and brighter and offer hope for a better world. This unique award captures the spirit of teamwork or global partnership. This award is a great fit for any individual or organization involved in global service initiatives or global business activities. To get pricing, information about available finishes, and to order "World Infinity" as a recognition or global unity award, please click on this link.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Custom Award "Vanguard" Designed for Donor Recognition

Vanguard, designed in 2009, is a custom award that has broad appeal for use as an achievement award, or a donor recognition award. As a corporate award this sculpture honors employee recognition or client appreciation. It also lends itself to use as an achievement award. The word Vanguard in the dictionary means "leading position". Can you imagine an army with the troops at the front leading the way--they are the Vanguard! In companies and foundations there are always “vanguard” individuals. This unique award is a simple design with a powerful message. Two figures are shooting upwards through time and space toward their goal. It could easily represent an outstanding employee and the company working together and be presented as a corporate award. It could also be used to honor teams. As a donor award it could be given to a married couple to honor their work or support of a foundation or non-profit organization. This piece has honor and achievement written all over it!