Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ClubCorp Circle of Excellence Awards

ClubCorp prides itself in being “the world leader in private clubs.” ClubCorp comprises an elite collection of private golf and country clubs, business clubs, sports clubs, and alumni clubs. Its private clubs are unrivaled in their scope, quality of facilities and services, and are distinguished further by the collection of names found on their rosters of membership.

Chairman Success Award

"For the past 15 years, ClubCorp has partnered with MK Shannon on our most prestigious award—our Circle of Excellence. Out of our 160 Clubs only about one-quarter of our Clubs receive this award per year and when they do, they proudly display their Circle of Excellence award's for their Members, Guests, and fellow Employee Partners to admire. MK Shannon always produces quality work, and is responsive to our every need. Thanks for your continuous excellent service!" ~Kay Miller, ClubCorp Executive Assistant

ClubCorp awards member clubs every year for achievement according to their level of services, the quality of those services, and the facility. Only a few clubs qualify. Those that do qualify are presented with the award entitled “Success”. This piece is presented along with matching “Success” lapel pins that are presented by the recipient’s club to each of its staff from the grounds keeper to the manager. This program was so successful that an additional award was customized to be presented to honor a still higher level of achievement.

Chairman's Circle of Excellence (detail)

In 1999 Club Corp contacted MK Shannon wanting a substantial award to be presented to properties that have achieved and met membership qualification for their Circle of Excellence. They also wanted to have something smaller to give to the staff of the entire club that reached the membership qualifications. MK created an award entitled "Success". This award is about 14 inches tall. MK also created a matching lapel pin to be given to the qualifying staff members. Club corp also established a Chairman's Circle of Excellence Performance Recognition program which focuses on ClubCorp's five key business initiatives. The executive committee members present the club with a framed Circle of Excellence certificate, a sculpture created and signed by the artist MK Shannon, and a custom-designed lapel pin in either silver or gold, for each Employee Partner of the team. Maintaining Gold status in the Circle of Excellence for three consecutive years qualifies a property for membership in the Chairman's Circle. MK added a one inch Cubic Zirconia to the base of the "Success" award for the Chairman's Circle Award. These awards continue to set the bar for achievement very high!

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