Wednesday, September 3, 2014

MK Shannon Designs Awards for the International Fashion Film Festival

MK Shannon Awards & Rewards is happy to introduce a new custom award created for Cinémoi. Nevin Milan, the creative director for Cinémoi, contacted the offices of MK Shannon to express an interest in having MK design an original award for the annual International Fashion Film Festival. It would be the first time awards would be presented. Nevin and MK immediately connected and began working together to create a design that would capture the essence of this first event. Very quickly they developed an award that met all the imaginings of both. The design was developed and produced in pewter within 4 weeks! Shown below, you can follow along with the progress—the sketch, the model for the piece, and the finished award.

Sketch for International Fashion Film Award

Model for International Fashion Film Award

International Fashion Film Award

MK Shannon Awards can produce custom awards very quickly,” says MK, “but it was Nevin’s quick work and perseverance that allowed us to meet his deadline.” Fifteen awards were presented at the ceremony live on the network. The event can be viewed at

Nevin wrote “Finally got to see the award statuette in person last night before they were presented. Everyone said they were stunning. Seriously, they are great!”

Nevin Milan, creative director for Cinémoi with International Fashion Film Award
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