Monday, April 21, 2014

MK Shannon's Unique Partnership with PacMin

PacMin Offers Fine Art Sculptures by MK Shannon
PacMin has over 65 years experience producing aerospace and aviation models that precisely reflect their full-size counterparts. With this in mind you can be sure that your aircraft, engine, or mechanical component will be incorporated into your design and will reflect your high standards, your professionalism, and your vision.
Cessna "Mustang" Award

The Beginning of Our Partnership

The PacMin Corporation after seeing sculpted awards by MK Shannon, ascertained that they wanted to work with MK to develop a superior line of awards to offer their elite customers in the aircraft industry. It was their intention to become the premier awards company in their industry. MK Shannon met with the sales staff and management to offer original designs and suggestions. From those meetings a series of awards were developed and have been used successfully with Boeing, Cessna and other aircraft companies for the past decade. At the request of PacMin, MK has designed over 17 different aircraft awards for Cessna corporation alone.
Cessna "Safety" Award
A Custom or Commissioned Sculpture
For several years now, PacMin has partnered with world-renowned artist and sculptor MK Shannon to create aircraft sculptures where each piece is crafted to your specifications. You can work with PacMin's design team to create a new and unique sculpture, or you may select one from MK Shannon’s illustrious collection. Our team of artists can customize any of these existing sculptures by adding a representation of a particular aircraft of your choice.
Profit Award

When developing a new sculpture, we conduct an in-depth dialogue with you and your team, our in-house staff of artists and MK Shannon. Drawing from this dialogue, we then present you with concept images to critique. Our knowledge of materials and production allow us to make suggestions based on your budget, quantity and timeline.The chosen concept can then progress to a prototype or 3D CAD rendering. Once you decide on the final look and size, our artists sculpt a model using clay or wax. A mold is then made which is used to cast your sculpture.
Pilot Award

Constructed of bronze, high-quality lead-free pewter and marble, each contemporary work of art is available with either a natural brushed pewter finish or a gold or silver plated finish. Personalized nameplates and gift packaging are some of the options we offer that put the finishing touch on a professional and polished presentation—an artistically created sculpture that your clients will treasure for many years to come! These unique, fine art sculptures are designed to celebrate your business or passion and create visual interest in any space.
Soar Above Award

Appreciation with Aircraft