Tuesday, October 21, 2014

YMCA of Greater Indianapolis Presents MK Shannon Awards

The YMCA of Greater Indialanapolis has once again presented an award designed by MK Shannon. The name of the award is Family Circle. Since 2010, the YMCA of Greater Indialanapolis has used Family Circle as their Lifetime Achievement award. This award is often used to honor dedicated employees, volunteers, people who have devoted much of their time to the organization, or made significant accomplishments. MK Shannon Awards will customize the piece with a unique marble base engraved with the recipient's name, organization, and date. Since Family Circle represents a family unit, it has also over the years been purchased by family after family to represent themselves. These make wonderful gifts for milestone birthdays and special anniversaries.

Since I first carved Family Circle and saw it cast in pewter,” says MK, “I still enjoy hearing about how the award will be given and stories about the people who receive it.”

Cast in pewter, Family Circle is available with a brushed pewter finish, or silver or gold plating. Family Circle stands 12” tall including the marble base.